Mitch Miller is an illustrator, writer and socially engaged practitioner. He ‘invented’ the illustrative style of the Dialectogram in 2009 and has since worked with residents, employees, users and visitors to a number of different spaces in Glasgow. Each dialectogram blends the memories and experiences of these participants into a work of graphic art that illustrates the social architecture of a place. These have included tower blocks, Showman’s yards, adventure playgrounds, libraries and community centres.

The image is drawn directly onto an A0 board in pencil and ink. After it is scanned and produced as a high-quality digital print, it is the original is placed in an appropriate public collection or institution near the place where it is made.

Mitch has worked variously as a social researcher, educator, sign painter, sessional lecturer, magazine editor and film programmer (depending on what day of the week it is). He has authored four books and been widely published as an art and film critic on subjects ranging from early and amateur cinema, contemporary art and illustration and Scottish politics. He is an acknowledged expert on the history of travelling showpeople in Scotland (being from that background himself).

He has shown his work at various galleries, museums and festivals across the UK. Mitch holds a PhD in Communications Design from the Glasgow School of Art and lives with his wife, the writer Emma Lennox in the East End of Glasgow where many of his immediate family and relatives are quartered during the winter.


Exhibitions – As Lead or Co-Artist:

How’S The Ghost? Market Gallery, February 2009/an Tobar March 2010 (with Chris Dooks)
Telling Stories (with Frank Quitely, David Shrigley) Market Gallery, March 2011.
Red Road Underground, New Glasgow Society, February-March 2012 (with Chris Leslie)
Poste Restante, an Tobar, August 2011
One Night Stand, The Telfer Gallery, November 2011
Draw Duke Street, Market Gallery, December-January 2012/13 (Solo)
Spaced in the City, The Lighthouse, April 2012
Level, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, May 2012
Red Road: Past/Present/Future, People’s Palace, February 2013-May 2014
Stations of the Green, New Glasgow Society, April-May 2013
The World Illustration Awards 2013, International Illustration Award Winners and Nominees, Somerset House, London, touring to venues in Nuneaton, Guildford, Swansea and Blackpool, 2013-14.
The Drouth Five-Oh, Reid Gallery, Glasgow School of Art, January-February 2015.
Social Materials, Project Space 2, Glasgow School of Art, September 2015 (Solo)
Behind the Scenes of the Fair, The Riverside Museum, 5-6 December 2015,
Inner City, GOMA, February-November 2018