A memorial for a memorial, Demolition Proof is a collection of essays and original artworks collated for a book and exhibition at the New Glasgow Society. The project came about in response to the sudden demolition in 2011 of Proof (1990) a mural painted on the ruins of the train Station at Glasgow Green. The artwork was the only extant, accessible work of Gordon in his home city, and also, the only memorial for the radical happenings whose dates were noted on the walls of the station.

The exhibition Stations of the Green I curated with Johnny Rodger. It displayed stones recovered from the train station, new photography by Michael Mersinis and contributions from artists Ross Sinclair, Dave Allen and Roddy Buchanan.

I edited and contributed to the companion volume of essays and artworks exploring and expanding upon the themes of place, radical history and memory.

Link: http://thedrouthmagazine.squarespace.com/demolition/